Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 345

Lobster Roll: Today's new food was definitely unplanned, but that's a good thing. It's easy to get in a rut with new things that I stockpile from various markets, and breaking free from that is always a welcome change. I attended a "tweetup" tonight at the Shed at Glenwood in East Atlanta, and the restaurant featured their well-known sliders as a special. In addition to some featuring fried chicken, chorizo, and prosciutto, they also featured a lobster roll slider. I'd never had a lobster roll anywhere, but I'd heard they were tasty, so I figured this could be a good start.
I knew that lobster rolls (made from a mix of cooked lobster meat and mayonnaise) were typically served on a grilled hot dog bun, but the Shed's version featured a small bun that looked like brioche. The filling almost resembled a seafood salad, and the mixture looked like it contained some cucumber and celery along with some small chunks of lobster. In addition, it was topped with a "crispy potato" that added some crunch. Once I dug in, it actually tasted pretty good, despite my usual dislike of heavy mayo. I didn't really find many pieces of lobster, but that was probably to be expected for a small slider like this.

I've heard that there are several good versions of this dish around town (Bocado and the Sound Table, to name two), so I might have to try this again somewhere else if possible. I feel like this one might not have been the most authentic, but it was still good nonetheless.

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