Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 327

Viet-Style Liquorice Plum: As I mentioned before, I found a lot of pretty cool new items at the Great Wall Supermarket in Duluth earlier this week. I had great success with their dried/preserved bulk food section, and that's exactly where today's new food post comes from.

I've figured out that I'm not exactly a fan of dried or preserved fruits, except for spreadable "preserves," which are a whole entirely different thing. However, I'll try almost anything once, so when I saw these tiny "liquorice plums," I figured it couldn't hurt to take some home. They almost looked like oversized raisins, with what appeared to be a sugary coating on the outside. They were also coated with something else that looked like dried grass - weird.
I finally got around to trying these today, and to be honest, I wasn't that impressed. The exterior of the dried plum was super-sugary, and after a couple of chews, that gave way to a sour interior that was hard to enjoy. I debated spitting it out, but I continued on and tried to enjoy. After a few seconds, the sourness subsided a bit, but I still didn't eat another one. And despite the name, I didn't taste any liquorice notes.

I think I'll stick to eating fresh fruit from now on. I'm apparently not equipped to enjoy the funky dried stuff.

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