Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 335

Albondingas (Wild Boar Meatballs): Me and the GF headed down to the Iberian Pig ( in downtown Decatur for dinner tonight, and while I was looking forward to the meal, I wasn't sure if I'd find anything new for the blog. I hadn't been before, but the GF had, and she loved their selection of Spanish-style tapas. In addition to some other great dishes, I was also lucky enough to find something I'd never experienced: wild boar. I don't have much experience with wild game, but I'm always eager to try any type I can find.

The Iberian Pig's version was called albondingas - wild boar sausage meatballs stuffed with piquillo peppers, Macedonian dates, and roasted tomatoes. The dish was finished with a pimenton creme and oyster mushrooms, and based on the ingredients, it sounded like it was going to be tasty. I suspected them to be much different from standard pork or ground beef meatballs, and I was right.
Once our server brought the dish, I was looking forward to digging in. I wanted to try some of the meatball without the pimenton creme, so I cut off a piece and tasted. It wasn't like ground beef, and was much less oily and moist than either beef or pork, but it was definitely more similar in flavor to pork than beef. The piquillo peppers added some heat, and I really liked the pimenton creme - think melted pimento cheese, but not at all greasy or goopy. Based on this dish, I'd definitely be up for trying wild boar again. Good stuff.

I know the whole tapas trend is played out, but everything I had at the Iberian Pig was delicious. It's good to discover another great restaurant so close to home.

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