Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 329

Mo'Pleez Rajasthan Indian Snack Mix: Even though I still haven't gotten around to going to a real Indian restaurant, I've really enjoyed trying the various Indian snacks I've found at different markets around town. In addition to some ever-present ingredients (lentils, curry, etc.), you can usually count on a good dose of spice, and that's exactly what this snack mix brought. My forehead is still sweating.
I found this bag of "Rajasthan" snack mix (made by the strangely named "Mo'Pleez" brand) at the Assi Market in Duluth last week. It reminded me of the "bhel puri" mix I ate a few months ago, but this one was just a dry mix, with no wet ingredients. It claimed to be a "mouth watering mix of fried Indian snacks," containing gram lentils, chickpea flour, rice flakes, green peas, peanuts, and a healthy dose of Indian spices. It seemed like it could be a more exotic Chex Mix, so I bought a bag to take home.
Once I gave it a try today, I was impressed. It really was like an Indian-style Chex Mix, with green peas, rice flour discs, and lentils taking place of the cereal and pretzels. The whole concoction was crunchy and super-spicy, and considering my low tolerance for heat, I was sweating in no time. Good, but hot. I'm apparently going to be in trouble if I ever make it to an authentic Indian restaurant.

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