Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 260

"White Rabbit" Candy: When I first saw this little piece of wrapped candy mixed in with the Asian goodies that were recently brought to me, I couldn't help but think of that trippy Jefferson Airplane song. Would eating this take me on a hallucinatory journey, or would it just be another normal food experience? I finally decided to find out today.
Based on the wrapper, I had no idea at all what this one was going to taste like. It was made in China, and the description labeled it as "White Rabbit Creamy Candy." Once I got the wrapper off, it reminded me of a white Tootsie Roll, but it seemed to have a much firmer texture.
How did it taste? Well, kinda like a vanilla Tootsie Roll, only much chewier. I bit off half of it to start with, and it took quite a bit of chewing to even get through the first bite. Once it got softer, it was much easier to enjoy, but it didn't really offer any new flavors for me. If you like Tootsie Rolls or taffy, you'd definitely like these. Wish I had more to report with this new food, but it didn't really give much to work with. Oh, and I didn't hallucinate, unfortunately.

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