Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 263

Samsa: I decided to do some impromptu shopping this afternoon since I loathe hitting the farmer's markets on weekends. I needed some staples for dinner tonight, so I opted for a trip to the Buford Highway Farmers Market. I can't even count how many new foods I've found for the blog there, but fortunately, it never disappoints. I'm not gonna lie - shopping there has become much less interesting than it was 263 days ago, but I still manage to leave with a few great finds.
As usual, I made a stop through the Eastern European section, which is one of my faves in the market. I love their selection of homemade pastries, so when I saw one I hadn't noticed before, I was excited. It was called a samsa (not samosa), and they were selling them filled with either lamb or beef. It looked more like an empanada than something of Eastern European descent, but I knew it had to be tasty. I had the counter attendant wrap me up the lamb version, and away I went.
I eagerly unwrapped it when I arrived home, and after reheating and cutting into it, the appearance was similar to a lot of other savory pastries I've had. The flaky dough was much thinner than that of a piroshki or empanada, and the filling was comprised of a mix of shredded lamb, peppers and onions. I knew there was no way this could be bad, and I was right. The flaky pastry gave way to the slightly peppery mix of lamb and spices, but it wasn't quite as greasy as other savory pastries can be. Really good, and I could have easily eaten another with no problem. Highly recommend.

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