Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 266

Wo Kee Loong Thai Fish Snack: Today's new food is my last selection from the stash of food that my friend's parents brought me from their extensive overseas travels. I've had a great time figuring out all the items they bought for me, and some have definitely been better than others. I still don't know what I ate on day 250! Anyway, I've been wondering what these Thai fish snacks were all about from the moment I saw them. From what I could tell, they were little chunks of dried fish filets coated in some sort of sauce. Considering that they came from the same company that made day 250's unidentifiable food, I was kind of nervous about trying them.

According to the bag's label, the only ingredients were "fish, sugar, sesame, salt, palm oil, chili, seasoning." I get a bit apprehensive when any food's ingredients don't specify exactly what kind of protein I'm eating. "Fish," huh? Thanks for narrowing it down, I appreciate it.
After opening the bag and taking a bite, my first impressions were good. The pieces of dried "fish" were super crunchy, with a slightly syrupy sweet/sesame taste that was almost candy-like. Well, fish-flavored candy, that is. I'm not sure if I could eat many servings of these at once due to their fishiness, but I did enjoy them. And hey, at least I could feasibly identify them, despite the vague "fish" description.

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