Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 272

Kimbo Rice Ball with Peanuts: One of the hardest things about keeping this blog going is finding new places to shop. Due to time and financial constraints, I tend to hit a lot of the same places repeatedly, so that's why I was glad to recently discover a new market: the Fiesta Farmers Market, located in the Plaza Fiesta on Buford Highway. Some of you may remember its previous incarnation as the Atlanta Farmers Market, but it's been re-opened with plenty of interesting stuff on the shelves.
While I was browsing the frozen section yesterday, I noticed these unusual Kimbo "rice balls" filled with various ingredients. They definitely looked interesting enough for me to try, so I opted for the "peanut" version, whatever that meant. The preparation sounded simple enough: boil for 3 minutes, then eat. Done.
I gave these a try today as an afternoon snack, and the results were pretty surprising. Ingredient-wise, there really wasn't much to these, just glutinous rice flour, water, sugar, palm oil, peanuts, and sesame. I dropped a couple of them in boiling water for a few minutes, then plated and cut one open. The gelatinous, mushy exterior gave way to a runny center that looked like melted chunky peanut butter. The "rice ball" casing didn't have much flavor, but the filling tasted just like peanut butter. Pretty good! I don't know if these are meant to be eaten as a dessert, but I'm thinking of adding some sort of dessert-type sauce to them next time around. Maybe chocolate syrup or something fruity?

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