Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 269

"Roll" Coconut Pandan Flavour Cake: Based on the name alone, today's new food selection didn't excite me too much. How good could something be that was just called "Roll?" This one was given to me by my dad, who got it from a co-worker from China. I'm always excited when other people give me food to try, but this one didn't look like it was going to offer much. The label described it as a "coconut pandan flavour cake," and the picture reminded me of a rolled-up Twinkie.
I figured this one wouldn't hurt as an afternoon snack for today, so I gave it a shot. After unwrapping, the "roll" looked exactly like the picture on the bag. From what I could tell, it was just yellow sponge cake rolled up around some sort of creamy (maybe coconut-flavored?) center. My first bite confirmed those predictions, but I noticed one difference: the creamy center tasted like strawberry, not coconut. There was actually no coconut taste whatsoever, which goes to prove that you can't always trust labels. It was tasty, but no different than any Little Debbie cake I've had.
Perhaps the most memorable part of this experience was the label's claim that the product was "bird flu/avian influenza FREE." Good to know!

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