Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 259

"Want Want" Fried Rice Cracker: I'm getting close to the end of the stash of food that my friend's parents brought me a couple of weeks ago, and I have to say it's been great not having to do any shopping recently. The shopping responsibility is maybe the most difficult thing about doing this blog, so anything that keeps me from having to do it is always a plus.
When I first spotted these Chinese "Want Want" brand crackers in the bag, I had a good idea of what they might taste like. I've eaten a lot of crunchy Asian snacks that are rice flour-based, and like their American counterparts, they are usually either salty or sweet. With sugar and soy sauce being two of the main ingredients in this snack, I knew I'd be getting a bit of both.
I decided to give these a shot this afternoon, and out of all the bagged Asian snacks I've tried, these were one of my faves. They reminded me of big chunks of puffed Rice Krispies cereal, but with the added flavors of sugar and soy sauce. The package said they were fried, but they weren't oily at all. Even though they were great for snacking, I bet they'd make an interesting ingredient in a dish if crumbled...maybe as breadcrumbs? I really need to save the rest of the bag and give that method a shot. Good stuff.

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