Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 285

"Hippo" Baked Snack: As my readers probably know by now, I can't resist trying imported snack foods. Aside from usually being affordable, they tend to offer an easy glimpse into how other countries view snacking options. With that in mind, I managed to find quite a few great new snacks at Patel Brothers earlier this week. I've already tried some interesting stuff from there, and I was equally curious about these "Hippo" snacks I found. The "Chinese Manchurian" flavor was what really got me - what was that about?
I decided to try these as a pre-dinner snack tonight. I wasn't sure what the "Chinese Manchurian" seasoning was, but the ingredients had a list of chemicals and preservatives a mile long. Oh well, at least they were baked. So much for healthy eating this week.
I opened the bag and took a look. Each piece looked like a cross between a puffed-up crouton and potato chip. After trying, the flavor reminded me more of spicier sour cream and onion potato chips than anything Chinese (or Manchurian). Despite being a product of India, I didn't detect any of the typical Indian spices. Nothing too ground-breaking, but I managed to eat about half the bag in one sitting. I was obviously hungry.

The bag also included a statement from the "hippo": "Hippo love Chinese Manchurian. Hippo think Bruce Lee foolish. But Hippo smart to make Hippo Brand Chinese Manchurian munchies. They little tangy and have Chinese spices. Look, Hippo have both munch and punch." Umm...ok.

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