Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 265

Baked Fish Cakes: One thing I've noticed during my last several trips to the BHFM is the amount of frozen "fish cakes" for sale in the Asian departments. Apparently they're insanely popular, given all the different variations found there. I've been trying to give in and buy things that I've passed by on more than one occasion, and these fish cakes definitely fit that category this week. The ones I bought were fairly inexpensive compared to others, and their odd cigar-shaped design intrigued me.
I decided to give these a shot for lunch today, and according to the packaging, they were made from a mix of threadfin bream fish, modified tapioca starch, egg white, salt, sugar, and a few preservatives. The label said they could be eaten plain (or added to prepared soups/salads), so I pulled one out and gave it a try. I can't say it was the most appetizing thing I've eaten - the exterior looked like soggy paper.
The first thing that came to mind after taking a bite was imitation crab (or "krab," as I prefer). It had the same sweet/seafood-y flavor that "krab" has, but the texture was a bit more porous and springy. The center was inexplicably hollow, and it would have resembled calamari if I had cut it into ringlets. The taste wasn't too bad, but it didn't really have enough flavor to be eaten alone. Maybe I'll work the rest into another dish or stir-fry it with some sauce, but I can't foresee eating it solo.

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