Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 264

Mixed "Panfried": Today's new food is another find from yesterday's trip to the BHFM, and it was definitely a tasty one. One of my favorite sections of the market is their prepared hot/cold Asian section in the back left corner. If you're looking for some authentic Korean/Japanese fare to take home, that's the place to hit first. In addition to some awesome-looking sushi and sashimi, the counter also features a hot section with all sorts of good stuff. I've noticed these plastic trays of "panfried" meats and vegetables on numerous occasions, but for some reason, I've never gotten around to buying them. From what I could tell, they were prepared much like an omelet, but with various meats/fish/vegetables mixed in.

Rather than pass them by again, I grabbed one of the "mixed" platters and put it in my basket. The market sold them with a choice of imitation crab meat, beef, or pollock fillet, but I wanted to try them all. I hoped it would keep until lunch today, but considering how fried foods taste after being reheated, I wasn't that optimistic.
When I opened the wrapper this afternoon, the first thing I noticed was the fishy smell. Not a problem for me, but I know that's a turnoff for some. After reheating, I tried a piece of the beef patty first. Really tasty, but it reminded me more of a well-seasoned hamburger patty than anything else. Next up was the pollock - also good, and it had much more of the scrambled egg omelet component than the beef patty did. The thin pollock filet provided a nice smoky, oily flavor, and I devoured it quickly. The combo also included some pieces of grilled green pepper that were stuffed with some of the ground beef mixture, then sealed with scrambled egg on the bottom. Those were my actually my favorite, and would make a great starter/appetizer for almost any meal. Sadly, this combo didn't include any of the crab meat, so maybe I'll try those next time.

Even though I really enjoyed all these, I don't know what the actual name for them is. I have a feeling they aren't just called "panfried," despite what the label says. The BHFM is usually good about including the real name on the label and not just a translation, so if anyone knows what these are called, please let me know.

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