Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 276

Whole Grain Barley: Now that things are sort of winding down with the blog (only 3 months to go!), I'm finding that it's getting even more difficult to find new foods. Places like the Buford Highway Farmers Market used to leave me in amazement; now, they just aren't that exciting anymore. I really hoped that when I started, searching for and eating new foods wouldn't become a chore. However, when you're doing something every single day, it's inevitably going to be a chore sometimes.

That brings me to today's new food. I stopped by the Whole Foods on Ponce this afternoon to see if I could scrounge up something new, but didn't have very good luck. As nice as some of their selections are, I've found that they basically just sell expensive versions of foods normal grocery stores sell. I've had the best luck with their hot bar (and its free samples), but the rest of the store doesn't really offer me much of anything. At this point, I've eaten all the new hot bar foods, but today I saw something that I'd never tried on its own: whole grain barley. It didn't look that appetizing, but I was desperate. I grabbed a sample cup, then made a hasty retreat.
I'd never eaten whole grain barley in it's pure form, and WF's version appeared to be pre-cooked then served warm on the hot bar. It reminded me of some of the other grains I'd tried (quinoa, wheatberry, etc), and each nugget had a brownish color. After getting the sample home, I reheated it for a few seconds, then gave it a try. It really had no flavor at all, and I can't understand why WF would push this as a "side" since it tasted like, well, nothing. The texture was slightly chewy and nutty, and while I'm sure this is a healthy ingredient, I can't see eating it alone. Maybe it's better mixed into something else, but I wouldn't choose it as a hot bar option when there's mac and cheese right next to it.

I'll stick to consuming my barley mixed with hops, yeast and water for now.

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