Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 280

Cheese "Saganaki": Today's new food comes courtesy of Kyma, the Greek restaurant that's part of the Buckhead Life Group. I've always had pretty good food from their locations, and a couple days ago, me and the GF discovered that Kyma does a special $7 appetizer menu on Sundays. We'd eaten there about a year ago and enjoyed it, so we decided to head back tonight. I hadn't had any new foods planned for today, so I hoped they had something that would count.

Once we were seated, I perused the menu and found something I'd definitely never tried: cheese "saganaki." The GF said that it was basically pan-fried Greek cheese, and Kyma's version was made with kefalograviera (a hard sheep's milk cheese) as well as barbayanni ouzo (a Greek liqueur). Apparently, the dish is sometimes ignited tableside to burn off the ouzo, but this one was served sans flames. I figured it was going to be tasty - how could fried cheese ever be bad?
Once the dish was served, I cut off a small wedge and tried. The whole piece was fairly thin, and despite being piping hot, it was wasn't as gooey as I expected it to be. The liquid in the bottom seemed to be a mix of ouzo, lemon juice, and olive oil, so I placed my wedge of cheese on a piece of pita, then soaked up some of the liquid. It was really good - the cheese retained a good bit of firmness and crunch after the pan-frying, and the lemony, oily mix in the bottom of the dish added a lot of flavor. We finished it quickly, and luckily it wasn't too heavy to keep us from enjoying the rest of our meal.

If you love fried cheese with a Greek spin, make sure to try this dish.

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