Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 270

Gits Vermicelli Kheer: First of all, let me preface this post by stating that I did NOT forget to eat and post my new food yesterday. The Blogger site was down for most of the day (and past midnight); therefore, I couldn't post. I never thought that technology would trip me up with this project, but hey, there's nothing I could do. Here's what I ate and wrote about yesterday:

After finding some really good instant Indian food mixes at the Buford Highway Farmers Market during my last visit, I was excited to try the last one I had left. Apparently dessert options are quite popular with Indian cuisine, and as I've mentioned before, they're usually much less sweet than what we're used to in the States. This "kheer," made by the Gits company, looked like it was going to be interesting. It seemed to be some sort of dessert soup, and the preparation simply consisted of pouring the powdered mix into a couple cups of milk, then simmering for 15 minutes. Easy enough.
I knew I had dinner plans tonight away from home, so I decided to go ahead and make this kheer mix for later enjoyment. In addition to the cardamom and saffron that are ever-present in Indian sweets, the mix also contained sugar, vermicelli, raisins, milk solids, starch, almonds, and pistachios. The package advised eating it hot or cold, but since I already made one cold Indian dessert this week, I opted for the hot version. Once mixed in with milk, all it took was a few minutes of simmering to be ready.
I spooned a bit of the kheer into my bowl, then gave it a try. Honestly, I liked this much better than the halwa dessert I tried earlier this week. The creamy texture was much lighter than any pudding or oatmeal, and the mix of cardamom, saffron and sugar offered a nice contrast to the raisins and almonds. The tiny bits of vermicelli added some weight to the dish, and despite its sweetness, I could have easily eaten more. Maybe I'll try eating it cold tomorrow to see how that compares.

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