Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 291

"Ugli" Fruit: Every now and then, I end up buying something that I've passed by several times but never gotten around to trying. This exact occurrence happened during my last trip to the Buford Highway Farmers Market. I'd seen these "Ugli Fruit" things during various trips there, but due to their size/price per pound, I'd never bought one. They looked like a grapefruit gone wrong, with an extremely lumpy, greenish-yellow skin. I had no clue what the inside tasted like, so when I saw these again at the BHFM, I couldn't ignore them any longer. I picked out the smallest one and took it home.
Since I didn't want it to go bad before my trip out of town tomorrow, I decided to try it this afternoon. The whole thing was a little bigger than a grapefruit, and based on it's placement in the citrus section of the market, I chose to slice it down the middle like any other citrus fruit. Much to my surprise, the thick skin gave way to an interior that looked just like a grapefruit, with the segments arranged in a circular fashion. Based on its "ugli" appearance, I expected the inside to look, well, uglier. Oh well.
 How did it taste? Actually, the flavor was just like a standard orange, but much juicier. My first attempt to scoop out the insides with a spoon resulted in a direct spray of juice onto my shirt. Once I got the segments out, I ate it like any other citrus fruit. Pretty good, but the rind on these definitely outweighed the edible parts. If you want an orange, just buy oranges and save yourself a bit of money. I'm glad I finally tried, but I doubt I'd buy them again.

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