Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 318

Ma Law Sesame Biscuit: My inaugural shopping trip to the Great Wall Supermarket on Pleasant Hill Road in Duluth proved to be pretty successful. I still have several items stockpiled from there, and while the preserved olives I previously tried weren't so good, today's new food was much better.
I've noticed that so many sweet Asian snacks are made from the same ingredients - rice, flour, sugar, and sesame. However, they all seem to taste extremely different when a couple other ingredients are added. I assumed these Taiwanese "Ma Law Biscuit" things would just be a crunchy, sweet cookie, but I was totally wrong.
I was craving a dessert after lunch today, so I opened the bag and gave them a try. My first bite completely surprised me. Instead of a cookie or "biscuit," I discovered an interior filled with something that reminded me of flaky, sticky cotton candy. How did they achieve that texture? It dissolved in my mouth quickly, and I was left with a sesame-flavored syrupy coating that provided just the right amount of sweetness. Most Asian and Indian desserts have noticeably less sweetness than American desserts, and these were definitely in that category.
It's rare that I eat seconds of anything I try for this blog, but I ate 2 of these sizable"biscuits" today before stopping. Good stuff. 

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