Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 305

"Black Velvet" Pluot: Today's new food is my second find from my visit to Whole Foods on Ponce yesterday. Like I've said before, my options at WF have pretty much run dry, but I was lucky enough to find a couple of items to get me through yesterday and today. Real shopping will have to happen tomorrow, whether I like it or not.

The produce section didn't offer much of anything new for me, but in addition to yesterday's "eightball" squash, I found this "black velvet" pluot. I tried a pluot for the first time way back on day 41, but I'd never seen this version before. It featured a dark, velvety-looking skin, which was much different than the shiny, smooth skin of the other pluot I'd tried. I love trying new fruits and vegetables, so what did I have to lose?
Once I tried it as a afternoon snack today, I was happy with the results. I cut off a slice to check out the interior, and it was actually a bit darker than I expected, resulting in a bit of liquid leaking onto my knife that reminded me of blood orange juice. The flavor was sweet, reminiscent of a plum, with a tangy bite from the skin that I really enjoyed. There wasn't much fruit on this specimen after factoring in the pit, and after tasting, I wished I'd bought a couple more.
If you like plums (or any dark-skinned fruit), give these a try. I know Whole Foods on Ponce has them, but I'm not sure where else.

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  1. pluots are the best fruit ever, and i will cut anyone who disagrees