Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 290

"Doughnut" Peach: Mmm...doughnuts. Well, not exactly. Today continues my new produce selections from the Buford Highway Farmers Market, and while this one may not be strange, it was still something I'd never tried before. As someone who grew up in the south, I love peaches. It's really hard to beat a fresh, ripe peach, and those of you who grew up here know exactly what I'm talking about.

I don't have experience with any other types of peach, so when I saw these little "doughnut" peaches at the BHFM, I couldn't resist. They were much smaller than the standard Georgia variety, and they almost looked like normal peaches that had been flattened. Hopefully they tasted as good as what I'm used to, so I took one home to try.
After trying it this afternoon, I don't have much to report. The only real difference I could find was that it was slightly less sweet than a full-size peach. The interior was also much lighter colored than what I'm used to. It had the same velvety skin and texture, but once I ate around the pit, it didn't yield much fruit at all. I like it, but if you want the full-on fresh summer peach experience, it's probably best to buy the full-size variety.
I know Georgia is known as the "peach state," but as a South Carolina resident for most of my life, I grew up hearing that SC actually grows more peaches than GA. Not sure if that's still true - does anyone know?

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