Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 309

Wax Apple: Today's new food comes from my last shopping trip to the Buford Highway Farmers Market (surprise). I really don't know how I would have done this blog without the BHFM, especially their awesome selection of interesting produce. Now that the seasons have changed, I've been finding some great new things there instead of the same inventory I've been used to for awhile.

I spotted these "wax apples" near the front of the store as soon as I walked in, and even though I've tried several different styles of apples for the blog, I'd never seen these. Each one was a little bigger than my thumb, with a red, waxy skin that was appropriate for its name. I really like apples in general, so I threw a couple of these in my basket - they would only cost me a few cents, anyway.
My curiosity finally got the best of me this afternoon, so I grabbed one and gave it a try. My first bite wasn't what I expected at all. Instead of the sweetness that I expected, all I tasted was the bitterness of the skin and a watery, mostly tasteless interior. The texture was actually more like a pear than apple. It really didn't taste like much at all, and I'm guessing these are better when worked into a dish and mixed with sugar or some other sweetener.
Interestingly, Wikipedia states that the only resemblance to an apple with these is the outside color, with all else being totally different - it's not an apple at all. Way to go with the naming, people!

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