Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 295

Baby Mango: Today's new food is another produce purchase from my trip to the Buford Highway Farmers Market last week. Even though I bought all the items last week, they luckily haven't spoiled yet, which has been great. I've tried several different styles of mango during the course of this blog, but I'd never seen these "baby" specimens until last week.
My goal after returning from Asheville this past weekend was to knock out last week's produce first, so I chose the mango to try this afternoon. It was closer in size to a plum than a standard-sized mango, and the skin was primarily yellow, with a bit of green shading.
Once I carefully cut off a slice and peeled the skin (I've had way too many knife-related accidents with mangoes), I noticed that the interior was a bright yellow. Flavor-wise, it didn't offer much new for me. It tasted just like the normal variety of large mango found in any market, but the flavor was a bit more sour than sweet. After factoring in the pit and skin, it didn't yield much edible fruit, so if you want to enjoy more than a few small bites, buy the larger version instead.

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