Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 316

Que Huong Curry Beef Jerky: Today's new food is another selection from my last trip to the Hoa Binh Market on Buford Highway, and while I've eaten plenty of jerky during this blog (venison, alligator, vegan shiitake mushroom), I've never had any quite like this.

When I spotted it in the market, I wasn't sure what to think. It looked more like dried out rope or leather than jerky, and I can't say that it seemed very appetizing. However, I love any type of jerky in general, and I also love anything curry flavored. Plus, the little cartoon cow on the front was kind of amusing, so I had to try it. I'm generally disturbed by any packaging that features a cartoon version of the animal I'll be eating, but I made an exception for this.
I finally opened the package of this unusual jerky tonight, figuring that it'd be like any other, just curry flavored. Wrong. Instead of the chewy texture of most beef jerky I've tried, it was extremely dry and crunchy. I had to use a bit of effort to bite it in two, but once I broke off a small piece and chewed, it became much softer and rehydrated. The curry flavoring was sweet and spicy, and actually worked well with the flavor of the beef. Pretty good.
If you're tired of snapping into your Slim Jims, give this jerky a try if you see it at your local Asian market. The company also makes a fruit flavored jerky, which I'll definitely try if I can find it.

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