Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 311

Grilled Quail: So me and the GF decided to do an impromptu dinner at the Sound Table on Edgewood, and while I wasn't sure if I'd find anything blog-worthy there during tonight's visit, I knew we'd have a great meal. If you haven't tried the Sound Table yet, you really should. In addition to a great menu, they also have my favorite cocktail list in town.

As I scanned the menu for something new to me, I noticed something interesting: grilled quail. I know it may sound crazy, but I've never had quail before. All I knew about quail was that it was a tiny game bird, but past that, I really didn't know anything. The ST's version was served grilled as a "salad," with an Anson Mills grit cake and arugula topped with a caramelized honey balsamic glaze. Luckily, the GF was up for trying this dish with me, so we ordered.
Once the server brought the dish, the presentation surprised me. The "salad" actually consisted of the quail served on top of the grit cake, with the arugula and dressing on the side. While it all looked good, I was most curious about the quail, which was split into 2 legs and 2 wings (I think).

Based on its appearance, I expected it to taste like chicken, but that wasn't quite right. There was definitely a chicken-like texture, but the slightly gamy flavor fell somewhere in between chicken and duck. The meat was mostly dark, and it had a smoky quality that chicken definitely lacks. Each piece was moist and tasty, with just the right amount of char from the grill, and I could have eaten much more of it. The rest of the dish was also good, but the quail was the real standout. Good stuff.

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