Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 294

Green Plum: After a weekend of seeing the sights in Asheville, NC, I was glad to finally get back home this afternoon. I wasn't really in the mood to try new food tonight, but I was luckily stocked up with quite a few new items from my last shopping trip to the Buford Highway Farmers Market. I was worried that some of the produce I bought would have already gone bad, but to my surprise, it was all still good. Guess that's one of the many upsides of cranking the air conditioner during the hot weather.
I found these interesting green plums during that last BHFM visit, and since I didn't want them to go bad, I decided to give them a try tonight. Each little plum was about the size of a large cherry, and the skin was a bright green color.
After my first bite of this, I honestly didn't want to go further. Instead of the sweetness of larger, darker plums, I found these to be extremely bitter, and not at all sweet. Remember the sour green apples you used to eat off the ground as a kid? These reminded me of those, but definitely a bit juicier. The center contained a small pit (like other plums I've eaten), but I couldn't bring myself to eat more - they just weren't my thing. Maybe they're tastier when worked into a dish and sweetened, but alone, they didn't do anything for me. Oh well.

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