Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 300

Iris "Creamy" Slivochyi Candy: As my readers know, I'm a sucker for any food from Eastern Europe. While I'm partial to the smoked meats/fish and pickles, I've also tried some great new desserts from those countries, most of which I've found at the Buford Highway Farmers Market. There's a great "sale" section at the back of the Eastern Euro section, and I've managed to score some great finds from there during my last few trips, especially candy.

I spotted this Iris "creamy" candy during my last visit, and based on its appearance, I assumed it was some sort of caramel. The ingredient list contained some simple stuff (sugar, condensed milk), and some stuff that didn't make much sense (treacle, oil creamy (?) and "aromatic identical natural"). Gotta love those Russian-to-English translations.
Since I was in need of a sweets fix this afternoon, I decided to finally give these a try.  After opening the package and breaking off a section, I figured out quickly that they weren't caramels. There was no gooey texture like I expected, and the sections broke off quite easily. The taste/texture reminded me of the center of a Baby Ruth - sort of a creamy, caramel-esque flavor that was pretty tasty. I knocked out a few pieces before giving up, since they were fairly sugary.

I'm not sure if the BHFM still has these, but if you like the idea of eating an all-nougat candy bar, give them a try if you see them.

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