Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 258

Soy Bacon Bits: While browsing today at the Whole Foods on Ponce, I noticed something on the salad bar that I'd never experienced before: soy bacon bits. My displeasure with fake meat and other vegan products has been well documented, but apparently I can't say no to any new food experience. I asked for a sample cup and took some of these fake bacon (facon?) bits home with me - what did I have to lose?

Appearance-wise, they looked more like Cocoa Pebbles than bacon bits, but to my surprise, there was quite a bit of authentic-ish smoky aroma to them. They didn't appear to be as oily as the real thing, but I guess that's to be expected of something that doesn't use actual meat as an ingredient. According to WF's description, the main ingredient was "textured vegetable protein." Mmm.
How did they taste? Not that bad. The ultra-crunchy texture was almost the same as the real thing, and the fake smoke/bacon flavor was pretty convincing. If you sprinkled these on top of your loaded baked potato, you probably wouldn't know the difference. Well, as long as you were using real cheese and sour cream, that is.

Out of all the fake meat products I've tried, this one was definitely the most palatable. Not that I'll ever choose these over the real thing, but they weren't as bad as expected.

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