Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 48

Matdongsan Peanuts Crunch Snack: I know it seems early in the day to be blogging about snacks, but I'm on the road this weekend, and I may not have interwebs access again today. I committed to doing this every day with no excuses, so here we go. Today's entry is another find from the Super H Mart in Duluth. I love their Asian snack aisle, and like yesterday's entry, I couldn't really identify this by looking at the package. "Peanuts Crunch Snack" didn't explain much, so I decided to try.
The picture on the bag made it look like some sort of cracker or pretzel, but I suspected my findings would be different. I tried one, and it tasted like a pretzel covered with a thin coating of peanut brittle, then sprinkled with sesame seeds. My suspicions were right, and they were actually pretty good. I let my drummer try one, and he said it tasted like a "candied pretzel." I always like hearing other opinions on what I'm eating, and his was fairly close to mine. If you like crunchy, peanutty treats, then definitely track these down at the Super H.

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