Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 51

Topokki Snack: As you might have noticed, the past few days have been devoted to several different Asian snacks, all of which I picked up at the Super H Mart in Duluth last week. I normally haven't been stockpiling new foods that much, but my schedule was a bit unpredictable last week, so it was better to be safe than sorry. However, I did find quite a few interesting things on the last Super H run.

Tonight's entry is called "Topokki," which I assumed would be some sort of crunchy chip or cracker. The packaging described it as a "red pepper paste dipped snack," and I noticed that the ingredients (thankfully in English) included wheat, flour, and a "topokki paste" made from refined sugar and red pepper paste. Sweet and spicy at the same time? I'm in.

I opened the bag, and I swear it looked like someone had put some dried ziti with marinara in there. Strange. I took a bite, and it was a crunchy chip-like thing, covered with the slightly sticky red pepper paste. I first noticed the sweetness, but the pepper flavor had a nice little burn as I finished chewing. Pretty tasty. Once again, I'm pleasantly surprised by an Asian snack. They're often very different from what I expect, but that's bound to happen with this kind of cuisine. I'd try this again, for sure.

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