Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 74

Red Banana: Today's post was a last minute effort to find something to blog about before I head to Macon for the night. I realized this afternoon that I didn't have any new foods stashed, so I quickly headed down to the Edgewood Kroger to peruse the produce section. I'm often lucky at finding new things there, so I hoped today would be successful. I got a little irritated while looking since almost nothing in the exotic section is labeled or priced, but I did find one thing I'd never had: red banana. How was this different from regular banana? Let's find out.
I tried as soon as I got home, but I'm sorry to say that there wasn't much to report. It tasted exactly like a normal banana, no difference to my palate at all. It was a little bit mushier, but I'm not sure if it was due to ripeness or something else. The Wikipedia entry on these says it has a "slight banana-raspberry flavor," but I couldn't detect that whatsoever.

Oh well. It was fine, since I like bananas, but nothing really new to me. I guess all my finds can't be sensational.

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