Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 69

Star Popeye Ramen Snack: It's been awhile since I blogged about an unusual snack for my readers, so I figured today would be good to return to one of those. I'm headed out of town for a gig this weekend, and sometimes I like to get my daily post out of the way before I leave - schedules can be unpredictable when I travel, and hotel wi-fi isn't always reliable. Anyway, I was looking through my reserves this morning for a pre-breakfast snack, and I saw this bag of stuff I bought at Super H a few weeks ago. This one initially made me laugh due to its cover art - why Popeye? Is he still popular overseas? And why wasn't this snack spinach-flavored? Let's see how this one turns out.

The bag listed the contents as "ramen snack with star shaped candy." Until recently, I never knew dried ramen noodles were used for snacking, but apparently they're good for more than just reheating in a microwave. I tried a small handful, but it didn't taste like much. The dried noodles were crunchy, but little flavoring was added to the mix. The ingredients listed nutmeg and cinnamon powder, but I couldn't taste much of either. The "star shaped candy" was actually tiny nuggets of crystallized sugar. If it weren't for these, this snack wouldn't have tasted like much at all. Oh well.

I'm always glad when I try something new, but this one didn't leave me much to report. Maybe next time.

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