Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 50

Red Bean Jelly Candy: I'm not gonna lie - sometimes this project has been a pain in the ass. Like tonight, for example. I was hanging out over at the GF's house, and I realized that I hadn't yet made my daily blog entry. It was 10:00 PM. Oops. I didn't have any food with me, so I had to run home and eat something to get my post in under the wire. Blowing it off isn't part of the deal, and I guess I should have known there would be times when this wasn't easy.

Anyway, today's entry is another find from last week's trip to the Super H Mart in Duluth. Someone told me last week that I was choosing too much Asian food, but it's hard to ignore the Asian influence in the markets here. And, I've had some great finds in that area, so expect to see many more. This "candy" was in the snack aisle, and there wasn't much English writing on it other than the list of ingredients.

I opened the package, and the candy was encased in a foil wrapper. Once opened, it looked like a shiny, sticky tube of solid candy. It had a gelatinous texture on the outside, and it reminded me of the canned cranberries that are popular around the holidays (right as they're dumped out of the can, of course). I cut a piece off, and it definitely had the sweet red bean flavor that I've experienced a lot lately with Asian desserts. The texture was sticky, chewy and a bit grainy at the same time. While the main ingredients were red bean, brown sugar, and glutinous rice flour, I mainly tasted the sweetness. This one was OK, but nothing I'd care to repeat. My last visit to Super H was a bit rushed, so maybe next time I'll do a bit more intensive browsing.

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