Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 60

Herring Filet in Oil w/Korean Style Carrot & Corn: So today marks my official completion of 2 months for this project. I wasn't even sure if I'd make it this far, and it hasn't always been easy. However, all the positive feedback has definitely helped, and it's made the whole process a lot more fun. So if you've been following along, thank you! Only 10 months to go...try and stick with me if you can.

Today's post comes from a batch of great stuff I bought last week at the BHFM. I was on a serious Eastern European kick (still am, actually), and I spotted this interesting item in the cold section behind the deli. I couldn't figure out a brand name since most of the E. Euro stuff doesn't have any English writing on it, but it appeared to be herring packed in oil with some "Korean carrot" and corn. I don't know what Korean carrot is, or why it would be part of an E. Euro dish, but it looked good.
I finally decided to give it a try today, but was glad I decided to eat it at home - it was a real pain to open the plastic container, and some oil leaked out in the process. The herring filet was sliced thin and packed in sunflower oil with spices, and the "Korean carrot" and corn were arranged along the sides. There was also a blob of some kind of cream in the corner, and I assumed it was for putting on the herring. I'm not a fan of mixing dairy with fishy stuff, so I left that alone. I tried the carrot first, and it was tasty - like carrot salad, but with a strong vinegar flavor. The herring was tender and good, but I let a bit of the oil drip off before eating. The corn was standard - nothing new to report there. I really liked this little dish, and will definitely try the other varieties the BHFM have in stock.

FYI, I found out that "Korean Carrot" is a popular side dish in Russia and the Slavic republics. The name refers to Stalin's mass deportation of Koreans from the far eastern Soviet Union. Interesting.

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