Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 68

Lemon Lavender Popsicle: At first glance, I'm sure it seems like a popsicle of any kind wouldnt be that interesting or new to anyone. However, we in Atlanta are lucky to have a vendor close by that's offering up some exciting flavors. While me and the GF were out doing some errands today, she recommended a pit stop on the corner of North Ave. and N. Highland. For those of you in the know, this is where the King of Pops ( hangs out quite frequently. He's currently the only person I know of in town who's selling handmade popsicles crafted from unusual ingredients, and if you haven't tried, you should.
Today's KOP menu featured several interesting flavors (cucumber lime, chocolate sea salt, blackberry mojito), but I went for the lemon lavender. I've never had anything lavender flavored, so I was excited to see how it mixed with the fresh lemon flavoring in popsicle form. My first bite was tart and refreshing - the lemon was a bit sweet, but not overpowering like the flavors found in conventional popsicles. The lavender element was subtle, but gave a cool, flowery aftertaste. It was perfect for the gorgeous weather, and I could have easily eaten another one. I hope the King of Pops continues to churn out these treats - I highly recommend trying before the weather turns cold.


  1. i cant believe i still haven't had one yet!!! love your blog!

  2. Yeah, his pops are really good. Thanks for reading!