Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 61

DuriO Durian Chips: I can't seem to stay away from anything related to the elusive durian. After my truly bizarre attempt at a Durian milkshake last year, I was pretty sure I'd never try anything featuring durian as an ingredient again. However, for some strange reason, my curiosity hasn't gone away. If you don't know what durian is, do yourself a favor and look it up on Wikipedia. Let's just say that opinions are mixed about this oddity of a fruit.
While shopping at the BHFM last week, I noticed these dried durian chips on the way out of the store. I've been telling the drummer in my band about how bizarre and disgusting my durian milkshake was, so I picked these up in hopes of relating my experience to him. These were dried, much like banana or pineapple chips, so I figured they'd be a bit less harmful than the real thing. I also noticed that there was a little sugar added, which could only help the taste.

Upon trying, I was surprised at how palatable they were. I'm not saying they were good, but compared to the milkshake, they were delicious. These tasted almost like a less-sweet dried banana chip, with a bit of a sour aftertaste. I expected to get a whiff of that weird rancid garbage-like smell as soon as I opened the bag, but it was nowhere to be found. I gave a piece to my drummer, and he wasn't that impressed at all. After all my hype, he was expecting something disgusting, but it didn't happen with these.

If you're looking for an easy way to enter the world of durian, check these out. Try the real thing at your own risk.

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