Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 53

Antelope Patty Melt: After checking out a reading at SCAD by one of my favorite authors, Chuck Klosterman, me and the GF headed over to the Westside location of 5 Seasons Brewery ( for a late dinner. I'd heard good things about their food and beer, so I was hoping to find something blog-worthy on the menu tonight. To my surprise, there were a few items that featured ingredients I'd never had before. One in particular caught my eye - the antelope patty melt. I love all things burger-related, so I was curious to try this version made with ground antelope instead of beef. I don't have much experience with wild game, so I couldn't resist.
Our server brought my food, and it didnt look anything like the patty melts I'd had before. Instead of griddled toast, the bun was made from grilled rye flatbread. On top of the sizable ground antelope patty, there was melted white cheddar cheese, bacon, and sauteed mushroom/onions. Yum. My first bite was awesome, but honestly didnt taste any different from ground beef. It was a little greasy, but not so much that it was bothersome. I was hoping for some sort of new flavor experience, but it didnt really deliver in that department. However, it was really good - one of the better burgers I've had in awhile. It also came with a side of smoked potato salad, which was also excellent.

I'm really glad I tried 5 Seasons. If you're in the market for upscale pub food and good beer, check it out.

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