Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 63

Unidentifiable Ukranian Snack: Today's post was another find from the Eastern European section of the BHFM. I've had it lying around for the last week, but I came home from a gig tonight starving and looking for a snack to hold me until dinner. I wish I could tell you what this product was called, but the only English writing on the bag was the ingredients (more on that later). I've found that a lot of the E. Euro items don't have any translations on the bag/box, but these looked interesting regardless.
From what little info I had, I gathered that these were some sort of dried bread crouton with flavoring added. There were several flavors available, but one ingredient on this package caught my eye: "cold boiled pork taste." Um...yum? Maybe? Let's find out. I opened the bag, and it was full of little dried sticks of dark rye bread. When I picture croutons, I always think of the standard fare you see on every salad bar, but these were different. As for the "cold boiled pork taste," there was definitely a hint of pork flavor, and the smell reminded me of a pork roast just out of the oven. Maybe it was because I was hungry, but I quickly devoured the whole bag. Each piece had a nice crunch, and just enough salt.

Next time you're in an Eastern European market, check these out if you see them. And, if anyone knows the proper English translation for these, please let me know.

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