Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 47

"Korean Cracker": OK, so I know that description is sort of vague, but I'm not sure what else to call it. I found this oddity in the snack section of the Duluth Super H last week, and by now, you guys should know how I feel about things I can't identify. The only English description on the box simply said "Korean Cracker," so that's what we'll go with. The word "choco" was also strangely on the cover of the box. It looked like it was going to be some of cookie with a chocolate filling, which was interesting enough for me. Let's try it.
I opened the box, and there was a small plastic bag inside containing the snack. It consisted of these tiny little round cookie things that were about as big around as a nickel. They also each had some sort of cartoon character printed on them. I popped one in my mouth, and it was a lot like what I expected - a small, thin cookie shell filled with a little bit of semi-soft chocolate. Pretty good, and the cookie provided a nice crunch when combined with the "choco" filling. I ate the whole bag quickly, sort of like you would with M&M's or any other candy.

I've been really happy with all the Asian snacks I've found so far, so if you're looking for new snack-y treats, head up to Super H or any other Asian market - there are plenty in the ATL area.

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