Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 56

Halva: On last week's visit to New Odessa, the Eastern European market, I discovered several interesting items that I'd never seen before. Tonight's post was definitely a surprise, considering that the GF told me it really wasn't that good. I trust her opinion, so I didn't expect to like it. However, I really enjoyed it, and can't wait to buy more.

For those of you who've never heard of it, Halva is a confectionary treat made from tahini (sesame paste) that's dried and crumbly. It apparently can also be made from numerous other ingredients, but this one was the tahini variety. It was also covered with a thin dark chocolate coating, but the GF said it's often served plain. I actually didn't know that this had the chocolate coating until I unwrapped it, but that's nothing to complain about.
I wasn't expecting much from halva, but I have to say I was really impressed. The texture was like a cross between a Butterfinger and malted milk ball - crunchy and nutty, and the chocolate coating added some richness to the tahini. I could have eaten quite a few more of these, but I unfortunately only bought one snack-size piece. On my next trip back to the market, I'll definitely be buying a full bag of these. Yum.

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