Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 46

Dragonfruit: While I was recently out looking for squash blossoms (thanks to all my Twitter followers for the tips!), I stumbled upon a really interesting looking thing in the produce section of Your Dekalb Farmers Market: dragonfruit. I'd seen pictures of these but never checked out one up close, so I had a lot of questions about it. What does it taste like, and how do you eat it? Do you peel those strange looking leaf-things off? I had to find out what dragonfruit was about, so I took one home.

Before trying, I did some online research about the eating method. The recommended tactic was to slice it down the middle lengthwise, then scoop out the inside flesh, leaving only the pink outer shell to discard. I cut it in half, and was surprised at what the inside looked like - the flesh was a whitish, juicy pulp, studded with lots of little black seeds. The colors were amazing, and I almost wanted to just admire it instead of eating it. I scooped out the white flesh with a spoon, and sliced it into chunks. It proved to be one of the best tasting fruits I've had in a while - lightly sweet, a little tart, and really juicy. Almost like a kiwi, but much less sweet. The seeds gave it a nice crunch, and I eagerly devoured the whole thing in one sitting. I could imagine it being really good in a fruit salad, but it's super tasty on its own. Highly recommend.


  1. i am loving your blog! i especially like this post because you showed what it looked like whole and also cut in half! very nice!!!

  2. Thanks, glad you're enjoying! I'll start including more pics with my posts from now on.