Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 101

Curried Lentils: Like many of you this week, I hit the road to spend some time with the family for Thanksgiving. My parents are currently in a small town in SC, so I brought some blog-worthy foods with me just to be safe. Before I left town, I hit Trader Joe's in Atlanta for some last minute provisions, and today's entry was a great new food find for me. I have very little experience with anything Indian, and I'd heard good things about TJ's line of frozen Indian foods. I picked up a package of these curried lentils w/rice to have for lunch today, and I was pretty happy with the results.

Obviously these were frozen, and they were packaged in a plastic film-covered container with the lentils separated from the cumin-flavored rice. I heated them up in the microwave, then poured the lentils over the rice in a separate bowl. I took a bite of both, and they were really tasty - almost like a spicier, curry-flavored black bean soup. It was a hearty dish, and the portion size was perfect for lunch. I don't know much about lentils, but the texture reminded me of a cross between black beans and chickpeas. Apparently they're extremely nutritious as well, so I definitely won't mind eating these again.

If anyone has any recommendations for authentic Indian fare in ATL, please let me know. This TJ's version was good, but I really need to try the real thing soon.


  1. Lentils are yummy! My mother cooked them with rice on a chicken stock. I just cook them straight with some garlic & olive oil.

  2. From Indian sources: Chat Patti and Cafe Bombay both good...

  3. The two restaurants mentioned are great and so is Zyka in Decatur.

  4. Bhojanic on Clairmont Rd is definitely my fav! It's probably the closest I've found to authentic North Indian food...some of the dishes taste pretty close to my mom's home cooking!

    There's also some fun small plates/street food/snack dishes to try, but the best are their thalis, where you can try a little bit of everything. Enjoy!