Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 98

Mochi: Today's post is one of the last remaining items from my Super H Mart shopping trip from almost a week ago. I've had some good and bad stuff from that run, but tonight's is sort of in the middle. I've heard of mochi several times, and I've even seen something called "mochi ice cream" at Trader Joe's. When I saw this small box labeled "mochi" in the Super H, I decided it was time to try.
From what I could tell from the ingredients, mochi was going to be one of those glutinous rice-type snacks that I've tried several varieties of. These were labeled as green tea flavor, but there were also a few other flavors (red bean, sesame, etc.). When I opened the box tonight, the six individual pieces were pachaged in a plastic tray inside a sealed bag. There was also a little envelope of powder labeled "alcohol voltilizer, don"t microwaves" inside the box, which I assumed was not meant to be eaten. Maybe it's used to keep the mochi from going dry?

Anyway, on to the eating. I popped one of the mochi out of the tray, and each piece was dusted with flour. The consistency was truly strange in my hand - it felt like a squishy, heavy, rubbery marshmallow that's been sitting underwater for awhile. It pretty much tasted like that as well, and it reminded me a lot of the glutinous rice Asian snacks I've already had. The green tea filling really did have a tea-like flavor, but with a good bit more sugar added. I'm not sure how I feel about these - they tasted OK, but the texture is pretty strange.

If you're an adventurous snacker, give these a try for sure. Maybe the "mochi ice cream" would be a little more palatable, right?


  1. Try the mochi ice cream at Trader Joe's - the mango specifically. It's pretty good :)

  2. My fiancee and I highly recommend the "taro" flavour of this stuff (comes in a purple box instead of a green box). Her roommate, who is from Taiwan, brought it back to school after winter recess, and she tried both flavours. The green tea really wasn't to her taste (she hates tea, heh...) but she found the taro flavour to be quite tasty, once you get past the texture. She brought some back for me to try, and I agree that it's pretty good stuff overall.

  3. I'll definitely try. Thanks for the comment!

  4. This exact experience happened to me today; I stumbled across your blog whilst googling "alcohol voltilizer." Came to the same overall verdict, too :)