Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 95

June Plum: Given how much I like plums, I was excited to see a version in the Super H Mart this week that I'd never experienced. I wasn't sure what a june plum was, but it looked much different from most plums I'd had. It was extremely small, not much longer than my thumb, and had a green, lumpy outer skin. They weren't very expensive by the pound, so I threw one in my basket.

Before I tried it today, I tried to find out what a june plum was, and I found out that they're fairly popular in Jamaica, Trinidad and a few Asian countries. It's an edible fruit with a pit in the middle, but that's where the similarities stopped with the plums I've eaten before. I cut a slice off, and was immediately struck by its sourness. I chewed it for a few seconds before giving up and swallowing - honestly, it was almost inedible to me. All I could taste was the sourness, plus an overwhelming grassy flavor from the skin. Not for me at all, but maybe it works for others. Apparently june plums are eaten dipped in salt, sugar or chili paste in some countries, but I didn't get that far with it.

Oh well - all my attempts can't be tasty. Maybe tomorrow will yield something better.

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