Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 86

Seaweed Salad: Here's yet another selection from the Asian "lunch box" I bought from the BHFM. I'm glad the food inside the box wasn't too perishable, because I've managed to get a few days worth of posts from it. Anyway, I'm getting ready to head out of town, but I decided to take a bite of something out of the box before I leave. My curiosity was high about this seaweed salad, since I'd never had anything like it before. I've had dried seaweed and the standard sushi-style nori plenty of times, but this was something new.
This salad appeared to be made primarily from stringy pieces of wet green seaweed, not the dried stuff I'm used to. I also spotted some sesame seeds, and a few pieces of brown seaweed mixed in. Getting this stuff on my fork was a bit tricky - it was much more slippery than spaghetti. I'd imagine it's much more difficult with chopsticks. I took a bite, and was really surprised at how good it was. The seaweed had a nice crunch despite its sliminess, and I noticed a strong hint of sesame oil. I later read online that it's usually made with only seaweed, sesame oil, vinegar and soy sauce, with sesame seed and chili flakes for seasoning.

I would definitely eat this again - there isn't much Asian cuisine I don't like, and it featured a lot of flavors that are favorites. Highly recommend.


  1. CHris, I am surprised you have never eaten seaweed salad before..I often get it as an appetizer before I eat sushi...you can pretty much get it in in Japanese restaurant...

  2. I know - crazy, but true. Every now and then, I find something a little more basic that I've never had. I really liked it, though.