Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 96

Forelle Pear: Today is the last post from my Super H fruit binge, and unfortunately, it's not a positive one. I had some good (and not so good) luck with my new fruit experiences this week, and today's was sort of an unexpected surprise for me. I really love pears in general, and I figured that this forelle variety would be just as tasty as others I've had, but not so much.

This forelle pear looked much like others I've had in color and shape, but I discovered something totally different when I took a bite. It had a bizarre, unpleasant chalky taste that was really hard to work around, and even the plentiful juice made my mouth feel like I'd just eaten chalk. The rest was pretty sweet and not so bad, but that chalkiness just turned me off. Strange. I got through about half of it before chucking it in the garbage.

Oh well. I now know what pear to avoid. Maybe the forelle would something good for those who have that weird "pica" condition.


  1. I think you just had a bad sample. I've never had a chalky forelle before!

  2. Yeah, this one was super chalky, almost impossible to enjoy. Maybe I'll try one again soon, but thanks for the tip.