Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 94

Pomelo: Today's post is yet another fruit find from the Super H Mart in Doraville. Despite my discovery that I'd already tried most of the fruits in their produce section, I did manage to find a few new ones. I spied these pomelos in a bin right near the main entrance of the store, and at only $0.50 apiece, I couldn't say no. I had no clue what a pomelo was, but was willing to invest some pocket change to find out. I picked one up, and it had a lot of weight, much like a grapefruit. And when I tried it today, I discovered that the similarities to grapefruit didn't stop there.

I cut the pomelo in half (this one was labeled as a "white" pomelo) and immediately smelled a familiar smell: grapefruit. My hunch was right - it looked almost identical to a traditional grapefruit on the inside, but the rind was much thicker. I used a knife to separate the individual sections, and took a bite. Yes, it tasted just like a grapefruit as well, but noticeably less bitter than the pink ones I've eaten for years. I do like grapefruit, so I devoured the pomelo pretty quickly. Once I'd eaten the fruit, I squeezed a little of the juice into a glass, and it was good - much less tart and a little sweeter than what I'm used to.

If you like grapefruit, try a pomelo if you find one. Be warned that they yield a bit less fruit than a pink grapefruit, but they're just as tasty.


  1. It makes sense that it is similar to a grapefruit since a grapefruit is a hybrid created from a pomelo and an orange.

  2. Yay! I suggested this to you awhile ago! I sued to eat them in Israel all the time..LOVE THEM. GLad you had one!

  3. My grandfather used to grow Pomelos in the philippines, and I can tell you that the ones available here in America pale in comparison. His pomelos were much larger, pink in fruit color, and had much sweeter taste than grapefruits. Might be something to put on your list if you ever travel to southeast asia.

  4. Excellent, thanks for the tips!