Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 85

Seasoned Squid Salad: Today's entry is another food featured in the pre-prepared "lunch box" I bought at the BHFM a few days ago. Yesterday's stir-fried anchovies were a tasty surprise, so I was eager to try something else out of the box today. Out of the 3 foods left, this squid salad caught my eye for lunch. Except for calamari, most of my squid experience has been in sashimi form at sushi bars. Its tough, rubbery texture usually makes me stay away from it, but I figured I'd give it another shot with this salad version.
I wasn't sure exactly what was in this concoction, but it was labeled as "seasoned squid salad." Kind of vague, but it was my job to fill in the blanks. It looked like a mix of thin strips of squid, some brown seaweed, and sesame seeds. I took a bite, and was really pleased. It wasn't at all tough or rubbery like what I've had at sushi bars, and I'm guessing it was marinated to make it more tender. There was a noticeable presence of ginger and sesame oil, and the sesame seeds added a nice crunch to the squid. Good stuff.

I'd definitely eat this again, and I hope the BHFM keeps it in stock for awhile. It's too bad that light seafood salads like this aren't available everywhere - it was so much better than the mayo-heavy versions frequently seen in conventional stores.

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