Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 79

Lamb Heart: Since I'd originally planned on going to Holeman & Finch on Halloween to do a scary offal-related post, I figured today would be an acceptable substitute since it's Day of the Dead. I'd been wanting to try H&F for awhile now, and I was super excited about me and the GF finally getting there tonight. I knew some of their menu was unusual, so I was looking forward to a great meal as well as a great blog post after. They definitely didn't disappoint, and we had lots of great food and cocktails. However, I immediately saw one thing on the menu's "parts" list that intrigued me: lamb heart. The menu listed it as "szechuan-crusted, with roasted eggplant & muscadine jam." Right up my alley, of course.
Our server brought the dish, and it was served on a cast-iron platter and sliced thin. The roasted eggplant was underneath, and a small amount of muscadine jam was on top of the heart. I really had few expectations of flavors with this dish, so I eagerly took a bite. My first comparison was steak, but sliced thin and rare. I thought it would be tough and stringy, but it wasn't at all. It was really tasty, and I'd have no problem eating it again. The only thing that confused me was the "szechuan" element - it really didn't have any of the heat that I assumed that description would provide. No big deal, it was still good. The roasted eggplant was also melt-in-your-mouth delicious, and it provided a saltier contrast to the heart. Good stuff.

If you're comfortable with eating rare beef, you shouldn't have any problem eating heart prepared this way. And I can't go without mentioning that the GF, who's usually opposed to anything offal, tried this and liked it. Two thumbs up for Holeman & Finch (and lamb heart).

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