Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 99

"Bissli" Snack: As many of you know, most of my new food finds have been from local markets or restaurants. However, today's food was brought to me from Israel by a friend of the GF's that visited there recently. I'm always curious to find out how simple snacks from other countries compare to the ones here, so I was really glad to score this one. I've often found that they're a bit more interesting than the standard USA fare, but maybe I'm just used to what we have. 

At first glance, Bissli looked like any other bagged convenience store snack that you see everywhere. The label stated that it was a "pizza flavored, cholesterol-free wheat party snack." OK, let's party!

I opened the bag, and I could immediately smell the "pizza flavor." It reminded me of how a bag of Chex Mix or Combos smells, so I expected the taste to be in the same universe. I wasn't far off - the little wheat flour-based cubes were really crunchy, with a hint of the faux-pizza flavoring promised on the label. Good, but kind of in a mindless snacking kind of way. It was comparable to many American snacks of this type, but not exactly groundbreaking for me.

If you like Combos/Chex Mix/etc., you'd probably like these. Good luck finding, though - markets in the ATL area that carry Israeli products might have them.

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