Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 84

Stir-Fried Baby Anchovies: While browsing at the BHFM a couple days ago, I noticed some really cool stuff in the fresh prepared Korean section in the back left corner of the store. I've found several amazing things there that have become new favorites, and I definitely found a few more on the last trip. In the cold section, there were some pre-packaged "lunch boxes" that featured 4 random Korean selections for $5. I usually don't like spending a lot of cash for something that I'm not that familiar with, but this was a great way to try 4 new foods without investing much. Today's post is one selection from the box, and it was tasty.
I'd seen these stir-fried baby anchovies in the Korean section before, and I was eager to have a small sample of them to try at home. I love anchovies, but I'd only eaten traditional anchovy filets, not the whole fish. These tiny versions had been stir-fried, bones and all. I felt a little strange about eating something with eyes, but luckily they were tiny enough to not be distracting.

I scooped up a tiny forkful and took a bite, and I instantly recognized the fishy, oily taste I love with anchovies. However, these had a chewy, almost crunchy consistency that I assume was due to the size (and bones). It was hard to even keep them on the fork without dropping them, but they were really good. I'm not sure if I could eat these in large amounts, but I really enjoyed the small portion. If you like anchovies (or any other smoked/dried fish), you'd love these. Highly recommend.

Stay tuned over the next few days to find out what else is in the box. I'm looking forward to finding out myself!

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